Simply Infused Giveaway!

Simply Infused is a speciality Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Shop located in beautiful Mount Laurel. It is such a treat to visit this shop and once you do you will become addicted to cooking with these superb oils and vinegars.  I am partnering with owner, Cheryl Harper, for a free group tasting session!

Here’s how it works. Copy and past the following onto your facebook page. It’s that simple! I will receive notification of all reposts.

“PLEASE support my friend, Wren Manners, owner of Wren’s Cooking With a Twist, in helping grow her business by following her on her new website, You can sign up for email updates/recipes at the end of her most recent post.”

Rules:  The tasting session is a free giveaway and can hold a group up to 25-30. Bring a large group – it makes it more fun! I will draw 2 names at random on Friday, April 22nd and will post the winner on my facebook page and my website. I am available to cater your event and can give you price per person for your choice of 3 to 6 gourmet appetizers and will get this information to the 2 winners after they are announced. This is a great treat for moms that need a group night out, a birthday, bridal shower event, graduation party or just about anything. Good luck everyone!!
Remember – you must repost to be entered. Good luck!

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